tvanswers-org-home-page Spectrum repack / channel change educational site for viewers, created by National Association of Broadcasters
post-auction-data-site-fcc Current Post-Incentive Auction Television Transition Data Files- The most up-to-date info on changes to a particular station’s channel and phase assignment during this transition, containing files available for download and a Change Log for each
Incentive Auction Status Maps Incentive Auction Status- An up-to-date collection of: interactive U.S. maps that highlight spectrum demand, costs, and demand changes in the auction; a graph of excess demand per auction round; a graph of the spectrum band plan; and more.
incentive-auction-closing-and-channel-reassignment-pn Incentive Auction Closing and Channel Reassignment Public Notice- Official announcement of reverse and forward auction results, final television band channel assignments, post-auction transition deadlines, and related reports
incentive-auction-by-the-numbers Fact Sheet: The Incentive Auction By the Numbers- Significant facts and figures about the revenues, bandwidth clearance, winners, and more information related to the reverse and forward auctions
public-notice-submitting-financial-reqs Procedures for Submitting Financial Information Required for the Disbursement of Incentive Payments and Reimbursement Payments After the Incentive Auction Closes- Essential steps that full power and Class A broadcasters and MVPDs that anticipate receiving incentive/reimbursement payment(s) following the incentive auction must take before receiving payments, dated Mar. 29, 2017
Post-Auction Transition Scheduling Plan IATF and MB Release Post-Incentive Auction Transition Scheduling Plan- Public notice illustrating how a transition schedule for full power and Class A television stations assigned to new channels should happen, dated Jan. 27, 2017
Post-Auction Procedures from the FCC Procedures for the Post-Incentive Auction Broadcast Transition- Public notice detailing the process established in the Incentive Auction R&O for the post-incentive auction broadcast television transition, dated Jan. 27, 2017
form399cover TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund Reimbursement Form FCC Form 2100, Schedule 399- Draft of the proposed reimbursement form, dated Oct 4, 2016
post-auction-transition Broadcast Incentive Auction / Post-Auction Transition- FCC guide for broadcasters detailing procedures for relocation cost reimbursement. Includes download links for the Widelity Report, a Form 399 guide, and more.
FCC Reverse Auction Tutorial for a New Stage FCC Auction 1001: Reverse Auction Tutorial for a New Stage- 19-minute chaptered presentation about the ins and outs of negotiating through a new stage of the reverse auction, including info on additional bidding statuses, resetting the base clock price, and more
FCC Incentive Auction Dashboard FCC Public Reporting System: Incentive Auction Dashboard- A play-by-play summary of key bidding dates, clearing targets, and capital proceeds related to the FCC Incentive Auction (both reverse and forward)
FCC Auction Announcements Rev FCC Public Reporting System: Reverse Auction Announcements- Exportable press releases and additional news items from the Federal Communications Commission
FCC Auction Announcements FCC Public Reporting System: Forward Auction Announcements-   Exportable press releases and additional news items from the Federal Communications Commission
NAB Show: TV Spectrum Repack Update TV Spectrum Repack Update- Slides from an NAB Show presentation about: the spectrum auction & repack timeline; rules & regulations; and the impact and challenges presented by the process
spectrum-dashboard-mag-lens FCC: Spectrum Dashboard- A hub for spectrum-related license searching, including an interactive US map
how-reverse-auction-works FCC: Incentive Auction Resources- Includes archive of key decisions, notices, software, speeches and appearances
FABS_User_Guide-38 FCC Incentive Auction Forward Auction Clock Phase Bidding System: USER GUIDE- Details and instructions on how to use the web-based FCC Auction System to bid in the clock phase of the forward auction
Spectrum Auction Expenditures Spectrum Auction Expenditures Report – Fiscal Year 2015- [Source: FCC] Report on the FCC’s expenditures to support its spectrum auction program during Fiscal Year 2015, including spectrum auction cash receipts since 1994, comprehensive categorizations, and more.
us-frequency-allocations United States Frequency Allocations: The Radio Spectrum- A visual representation of US RF bandwidth allotment by service and govt/non-govt activity